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This website has been launched to educate the citizens of the European Union as to the importance of an economically and politically harmonized European continent.

Now that we have entered the 21st century and a new era of globalisation, it is important to remember the values of obedience, duty and sharing. Your political superiors at the European Commission are committed to enforcing these values, so that each European Nation State is subordinated economically and politically to the European continent as a whole, ensuring that productive European citizens exist for the sake of their unproductive European brothers.

It is the morality of self-sacrifice and obedience that must be upheld as the highest moral duty of each European citizen if we are to achieve our great European vision.
President Of The State Of Europe

President of The State of Europe

EU flag


Madame Delphine Buntuck, The Wife of the EU Commissioner for Sport,
has gone missing somewhere inside this web site.
See if you can find her! Clue: Blue & Yellow Ensign

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